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Whitehorse Press started in Boston in 1989, with the publication of our first book, Motorcycle Touring: An International Directory. Over the next few years, we published several more books to help motorcyclists find the best roads in the world for touring, and equip themselves and their bikes for long distance travel. Our passion for motorcycle travel soon brought us to publish several books to help riders improve their riding skills. One of those, Motorcycling Excellence, produced in cooperation with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, has become one of the best-selling books in the world on the subject of motorcycle riding skills.

Our authors are recognized leaders in the motorcycling world: Carl Adams, Ron Ayres, Scott Cochran, Dale Coyner, Robert Fulton, flash gordon, Larry Grodsky, John Hermann, Reg Pridmore, Clement Salvadori, Bernt Spiegel, Bill Stermer, Ed Youngblood, Mark Zimmerman, and a host of newer authors who are coming into their prime. Our aim is to provide authoritative information and entertaining stories from these highly respected professionals, to help you enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest.

Beginning in the earliest days of the company, in order to sell what we published, we produced and mailed a catalog of our books several times each year. As time went on, we added to our catalog many books and videos published by other companies. Gradually, recognizing the need of our enthusiast readers for high quality riding gear, we began to add riding apparel and motorcycle accessories to our product line. To distinguish the retail operation from our publishing activities, we gave the name Whitehorse Gear to our comprehensive catalog.

In June, 2016, we transferred rights for our most active titles to the Quarto Book Group, and we ceased publishing new books. We keep this website operating for readers and resellers who need information about our books.

Currently, Whitehorse Gear stocks and sells more than 8,000 SKUs and serves the reading and riding needs of tens of thousands of motorcyclists each year. Many of our customers shop through our website or by telephone, but increasingly our customers visit us at our Center Conway, New Hampshire, office and warehouse (where coffee and cookies are usually on-hand for visitors). We'd love to meet you, so stop by if you are in our neck of the woods.

Whitehorse Gear

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